Changes : Diabetes Blog Week Day 4

What would I like to change related to diabetes? This is a loaded question. I can’t pick just one thing. Instead I will write about how I have changed since I was diagnosed in 1997. When I was diagnosed in 1997, I was 15 and entering┬ámy sophomore year of high school. I wanted to join […]

Clean it Out : Diabetes Blog Week Day 3

What is in my diabetes closet you ask??? Skeletons buried under a boatload of lancets. Here is why… I can’t throw any extra diabetic supplies out. There was a time when I was uninsured and had to get creative in order to manage my diabetes. I think I hold on to extras in case I […]

Keep it to Yourself: #dblogweek Day 2

I have always thought of myself as an open book when it comes to my diabetes. I truly feel that by sharing my experiences with others perhaps I can help someone going through the same things. I also find that I learn so much by talking about it with others. We all have different comfort […]

Hi! My name is Kim and I am a deniabetic.

Welcome to my blog!!! My name is Kim and I have been living with T1 diabetes for 17 years. Unfortunately I suffer from another disease… deniabetes. Many of you have probably either suffered from some of the symptoms of deniabetes at one time or another. What is deniabetes you ask? Deniabetes is when a person […]