Glass Half Full

janekimkidney     The past six months have been some of the hardest in my life. In September of 2017, I went through rejection of a transplanted kidney. The transplant was from my mother in-law only 4 years ago. The transplant team did everything they could to help me fight off the rejection and we thought I would be ok for a while. Unfortunately, in December of 2017 I started to show signs of end stage renal failure. By February of 2018 it became clear that dialysis would be necessary for me to live. My hope is that once I am on dialysis I can be listed for another transplant and start looking for a live donor as well. The past few weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions, mostly guilt and sadness over the loss of this amazing gift someone gave me.

I was grieving the loss of my transplanted kidney, I still am. I had to get myself out of a deep sadness and depression. I started thinking about what life would have been like without the transplant. I listed all of the adventures I have had and all of the people I have met since my transplant. Here are some of the amazing things I have done in four years:

-traveled to Florida multiple times

-traveled to Vegas 3 times

– saw the Grand Canyon

-traveled to California 3 times

-went on a Missions trip to Haiti

-traveled to the Dominican 4 times

-went on 3 Walker Stalker Cruises

-visited NYC 4 times

-traveled to NJ and Atlantic City multiple times

-traveled to Arizona

-traveled to Japan


I have done SO MUCH in 4 years! I am so grateful for all of the scholarships, donations and support I have gotten to do it all. None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t received the gift of life from Jane. I am choosing now to look at my situation as a glass half full. Yes, it is sad and it sucks that it only lasted 4 years but WOW… what an amazing 4 years it has been. I also have met some of the most amazing people in those four years. I am grateful for every last second this kidney has given me. If there is one lesson in all of this it is to make every moment count. I feel like I honored my donor by doing just that.

Please consider becoming an organ donor. Give someone else the gift of life!





3 thoughts on “Glass Half Full

  1. To start off I am so glad you are making it through. There have been many prayers and even more well wishes. I do have to comment however, that I am not seeing Indiana on the list. I am guessing that is an oversight. That is OK, in the next 70 years we will be expecting you.


  2. Your post Kimberly … is like WOW! All the places / people / things you’ve done over the past 4 years .. you have a wonderful attitude to everything that is happening. I’ll be reposting this for all to see – and to remember to sign that organ donor card (I have – who knows what bits of me can be used either to keep someone alive … discover more about my living with diabetes for 52+ years … blah blah blah. I think I may have to take a drive out to your way … or go glamping 😉


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