Favorites and Motivations: Diabetes Blog Week Day 6

Today we are supposed to share our favorite sentence or blog post that we have done OR share what motivated us to blog (if we are new to blogging). Since I fall into the new blogger category I will write about the second option.

I have wanted to blog for years now. In fact, I started a blog, twice. The reason I gave up on it was because of fear. I have absolutely no problem speaking to people about my experiences with diabetes and its complications. For some reason writing about it seems different to me. It is daunting. I realize that once it is written it becomes permanent. I discussed this with a few bloggers and found that my fear was normal.

Over the past year there have been several people who have encouraged me. I had a wonderful conversation with Mike Lawson, Martin Wood and Noel Nguyen last year at ehe  Students with Diabetes National conference last year. They were all very encouraging and made me realize that someone, somewhere may actually want to read my story. Then in November of last year I met more bloggers. Heather Gabel, Melissa Lee, Christel Aprigliano, Scott Johnson, Mike Hoskins and Karen Graffeo were people I met while attending the Diabetes Mine Summit. They were all so incredibly encouraging and it was then that I heard about Karen’s Diabetes Blog week.

I decided to start blogging during the diabetes blog week because it seemed easy. I did not have to think of topics on my own. It is so much easier with a prompt. I have to say that in the past week my life has changed. I have felt so loved and supported by many people in the Diabetic online community. I have made connections with many new people and one living in the town that shares my zip code. Someone found me on twitter who is working on accessibility for the visually impaired pump users. My heart is filled!!!!! I am just so excited. I am really thankful to all of those who have encouraged me. I have many people in my life who have told me over and over about how I should blog.

I want to share my experience as a type 1 who has suffered many complications and has survived. I want to be a resource for my peers.


2 thoughts on “Favorites and Motivations: Diabetes Blog Week Day 6

  1. Nice to see you blogging and your story is an important one. It was quite brave to start blogging during Diabetes Blog Week. I never could have written a new post every day when I started out!


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