Of Course I Can #dblogweek Day 1

I am pretty sure I am your typical diabetic. When someone says or thinks I can’t do something…I do it. Not only do I do it but I do it big and loud. I think it comes down to proving to myself and others that I can be a normal person. When I think back on my journey with diabetes there are moments where I felt like it did get in the way. These moments only pushed me harder. The things I am most proud of are my experiences traveling. I am most certainly a risk-taker and I blame my diabetes for that! One of my favorite memories is paragliding through the Alps. I am deathly afraid of heights but for some reason I decided I had to face my fears. It was one of the most amazing and fulfilling experiences I have ever had. My second favorite thing was going on a safari in Namibia, Africa. I was also given the opportunity to pet a live Cheetah.

Having diabetes doesn’t mean I can’t do things. It means that if I want to do them I have to work hard, have patience and keep the faith. Alps cheetah Dunes


10 thoughts on “Of Course I Can #dblogweek Day 1

  1. Dia-Badass, indeed! And welcome to the DOC blogosphere, Kim! So great to have you here sharing your story online, and you are so badass. I want to pet a live cheetah, too!! Love the name of your new blog and can’t wait to read more, and hopefully get the chance to see you in person again before long. Way to go on being awesome and just doing what you want to, despite all the health craziness that comes along.

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  2. So awesome! I think my diabetes has pushed me to take risks too, to not be afraid and to step outside of what feels comfortable. Awesome to see what you’ve done.


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