Hi! My name is Kim and I am a deniabetic.

Welcome to my blog!!! My name is Kim and I have been living with T1 diabetes for 17 years. Unfortunately I suffer from another disease… deniabetes. Many of you have probably either suffered from some of the symptoms of deniabetes at one time or another. What is deniabetes you ask? Deniabetes is when a person who is diagnosed with diabetes is living in denial of their diagnosis. They may even live their lives as if they do not have diabetes. This can be a life threatening illness. My experience though, is that there is hope! With hard work and support a deniabetic can come out of “d”-nial.

I used to feel like I was the only one suffering from this condition. Once I became more active in the #DOC and attended conferences, I started meeting more people who were or are like me. I am hoping to connect with even more through this blog! I plan to share my experiences (the good, bad and ugly) to learn from each other. I am hoping to start during Diabetes Blog Week! Please feel free to leave me feedback and comments!


2 thoughts on “Hi! My name is Kim and I am a deniabetic.

  1. Hi Kim. I am a Facebook friend of your mom and dads. I admire your willingness to speak up and out. I am a T2 diabetic and spent a week in the hospital a year ago partly because of high blood sugars. I will be following your blog and commenting as I can.


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